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Wait…where did Spring go?

So Spring came…and went…and is slated to reappear tomorrow. Central Kansas went from 90 degree weather to 28 degree weather in 24 hours. Braving the SNOW, we gathered sheets, blankets, and tarps to cover young plants. Unfortunately, we missed a few…


Extra heat lamps were set up for the chicks. They made it through the freeze and are growing rapidly…



And as for the kittens, well, at least one litter arrived the night before the temperatures plummeted. So of course, they needed some old rugs and rags to keep warm too. Aren’t they a cute patchwork of fur?


I am putting my request in- true Spring from now on. We’ll see.

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch at Johnstown Farm-McPherson, KS 2014

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Spring has Sprung at Johnstown

I love Spring! Everything is fresh and new with the promise of growth. What does springtime look like here at Johnstown?


Looks like we will have kitties, and lots of them, soon. Several of our favorite farm cats will be having cuddly babies. Maybe we’ll be looking for good homes…


The fields are carpeted with crops ready to soak in the Kansas sun and (hopefully) some April showers. This field is no-till triticale. Our cows will love it!


Flowers peeking out to welcome Spring make me want to get my hands into the garden boxes. There is such satisfaction in hiding those seeds in the soil. I am trying to listen to the experts and wait until the freeze threat is gone.


Our newest arrivals are 50 Cornish Cross broiler chicks. They are peeping their Spring song.

That’s just a taste of this beautiful season here in central Kansas.

Johnstown Farm & Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch-McPherson, KS 2014


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Spring and Sprouts

The last week has been filled with the signs of spring and summer, growth and life.  Here are some of those signs:

Sprouts!  Thanks to beautiful weather, the giant pumpkins are sprouting up! We appreciate the rain God!

Sprouts! Thanks to beautiful weather, the giant pumpkins are sprouting up! We appreciate the rain God!

Kittens!  We have at least one new litter of kittens to be cuddled.

Kittens! We have at least one new litter of kittens to be cuddled.

Mud!  Boys just can't deny themselves a jump in a muddy puddle.

Mud! Boys just can’t deny themselves a jump in a muddy puddle.

Turkey chicks! Papa hatched these in his incubator for a friend.

Turkey chicks! Papa hatched these in his incubator for a friend.

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2013 – McPherson, KS


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A Gift

Today’s weather was a surprise gift for us on the farm.  In the midst of a drought partnered with scorching heat, God gifted us with an amazing day!  When we left our home in McPherson to head to the farm, it was already a very humid 85 degrees.  By the time we drove the 10 miles north to Johnstown, it was 74 degrees with a fabulous cool breeze!  During the mostly cloudy day, we had light rains on and off.  It was such a refreshing time.

We are beginning to truly gear up for the pumpkin patch season–trimming the tunnel, painting signs, etc. We also hauled off a tree that had fallen. There is still a good 9 feet of trunk standing.  We are excited to see what Mark Childs, our chainsaw woodcarver, will do with it! Charis and Ben took their job very seriously.  They are supposed to be taming the kittens, so that they will be friendly by October. The kids had a great time playing with the kittens on the hill.

We were so thankful for a reprieve from the heat!  It was a joy to work around the farm, and it was a reminder that autumn really is just around the corner!!

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch at Johnstown Farm 2012
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Around the Farm

I thought that I would share a few pictures.  We held the kitties for the first time yesterday.  The cousins loved cuddling the five furballs.

Saying “Hello” to the five new kittens.

We are still trying to get the new guinea hens to trust us.  The kids do a great job of being very calm around them, but the birds are so flighty.

Parker trying to befriend those flighty guineas with oatmeal.

Dominic is holding one of our 3 chickens that survived the “Massacre of 2012.”  We also have a new rooster. I’m keeping my eye on him!

Dominic with one of the chickens that survived the “Chicken Massacre of 2012”.

Here is Bossy Rossy II. Our new Heritage Rooster.

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2012

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New Additions!


So I am back from roguing corn in Iowa, and I am back to growing pumpkins. Both jobs are a bit difficult in a very dry summer. Because it has been so dry and brown here, it is fun to see new life at the farm! We have several new additions to introduce to you.  First, Grammy and Papa have brought some new “ladies” to the farm–guinea hens.  There are 10 new guineas that are getting familiar to the coop and us. The darker ones are the same variety that we have had in the past.  They are Helmeted Guineas, and they will look like the older guineas in the last picture in a few months. The four lighter ones are called Lavender Guineas (I think).  I will have to do some more research to find out.  My kids are trying to befriend the new “ladies” with oatmeal and millet.  So far they are still pretty flighty and timid.  Am I crazy to think that they are kind of cute?  By the way if you see the birds that don’t look like either type of guinea, those are the quail that Papa hatched (again, don’t ask).

Speaking of cute, we also found a new litter of kittens in the shed yesterday. I didn’t take a picture because they are so young, and last time that mommy cat moved her litter after we found them.  We couldn’t find them after that, so we are hoping that bringing her a cozy bed and some milk will help her keep them around.  They are so cute! My kids can’t wait to be able to play with them.

And last, but not least, are the new laying hens. We have replaced our chickens that were lost in the “Great Chicken Massacre” of 2012. Grammy and Papa chose some different varieties (all Heritage Birds). I can’t remember them all, but I’ll check. Right now they are molting (not super pretty), so they won’t lay for a couple of weeks, and then we will be back in the egg business!

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2012
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