Ag Impact

Ag Impact

“planting agriculture appreciation and cultivating field and food awareness”

Ag Impact is currently enrolling classes for its fall agriculture education experiences.
Because learning time is at a premium in schools, we want to ensure that a trip to the farm provides valuable learning experiences.
Our goal is to support the classroom by providing hands-on lessons in core content areas presented through the lens of agriculture.
Each experience is developed and taught by our state licensed and experienced teachers.


Ag Impact: Our Class on the Farm

This program features a full-day agriculture education program at Johnstown Farm. Students learn the “what” and “why” of Kansas Agriculture, experience multiple core content lessons based on agriculture, enjoy a snack from Grammy, and much more. Classroom teachers can choose from a menu of hands-on learning lessons adhering to KCCRS.

Suggested level: 2nd– 4th grade

Price: $450 per classroom

 (ask about available scholarships)

Allow for a full school day at the farm.


Ag Impact: Digging Deeper

This program provides an opportunity for students who already have a basic understanding of agriculture to go deeper. Students will explore the core of agriculture focusing on agronomy, hands on lessons, STEM experiences promise an exciting and authentic agriculture experience for classrooms.

Suggested level: 2nd– 4th grade

Price: $450 per classroom

Farm FUNdamentals

This program features activities that pique a young child’s curiosity. Sprinkled with agriculture education, students encounter both independent and guided hands-on exploration.

Suggested level: PreK + up

Price: $6 per student

Allow for 1½ hours at the farm


Ag Impact


This program is the abridged Ag Impact experience. It is designed to accommodate the class whose schedule is limited to a half day.

Suggested level: K-4th grade

Price: $8 per student

Allow for an extended morning or afternoon at the farm.







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