Grass Finished Beef

Johnstown Farm prides itself in producing beef that is fully grass finished.  Johnstown Farm meat is a “natural” meat with no hormones, additives, and no starchy feeds (i.e. grains such as corn, milo, or soybeans).  We do not feed antibiotics to the cows.  Antibiotics are used only if an issue arises.  Those animals needing treatment are sold, after withdrawal periods, through the sale barn.  They are not sold to Johnstown beef customers.

Grass finished beef from Johnstown Farm is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA (congegated Linoliac Acid) which is known to prevent and fight cancer.  Our animals are solely bred, live, and gain weight on forages (grasses, pastures, triticale, etc) and hay.

Johnstown Farm Grass Finished Beef 2015


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