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Around the Farm

I thought that I would share a few pictures.  We held the kitties for the first time yesterday.  The cousins loved cuddling the five furballs.

Saying “Hello” to the five new kittens.

We are still trying to get the new guinea hens to trust us.  The kids do a great job of being very calm around them, but the birds are so flighty.

Parker trying to befriend those flighty guineas with oatmeal.

Dominic is holding one of our 3 chickens that survived the “Massacre of 2012.”  We also have a new rooster. I’m keeping my eye on him!

Dominic with one of the chickens that survived the “Chicken Massacre of 2012”.

Here is Bossy Rossy II. Our new Heritage Rooster.

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2012

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