Hello, Pumpkin Patch…

Today certainly felt like pumpkin patch season is upon us. You know that type of day when your feet sigh with relief when you sit down at night? That was today. We started off our day (after chores, of course) at Washington Elementary School in the second grade classrooms where we kicked off our agriculture education program, “In the Class and On the Farm.” It was a privilege to guide the students in the discovery of the “what” and “why” of Kansas agriculture. Did you know that it is impossible to live a day without being affected by agriculture? Just ask those second graders, they’ll tell you! Here they are wrapping up their class time illustrating one of the many ways they were affected by agriculture today.


After class it was time to hustle back to the farm to prepare the grounds for the pumpkin patch season. We open on September 27, and there is much to do. By the time the sun went down, we had checked off a lot of items on the master “To Do” list- prepping the new school room, filling sand boxes, painting signs, moving equipment, etc. As we worked around the farm, we found at least five of these big guys. This isn’t the best picture, but I couldn’t make myself get any closer. I think his body was about two inches long, not counting his legs. I have never seen so many giant spiders in one day. I know they are great for taking care of the gardens, but they sure can take us by surprise (and sometimes yelp out loud)!


Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch at Johnstown Farm – McPherson, KS 2014


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Preparations . . .

We enjoyed a weekend of preparing the farm for the upcoming season of Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch. We all do our own parts during the year, but my favorite time is when all the family comes down to work together. The beautiful weather was just what we needed to keep us going as we worked outside. I love that coolness in the air. It makes everything feel so….autumnish! Justin was working on preparing the trail for the barrel train, Dan was busy in the shop creating contraptions for the destruction zone, Papa was wiring the converted education room, Grammy fed us all, Angie and I were working on scheduling and store preparation, and the grandkids… had the most important job this weekend. They were cuddling the two new kittens and putting together scarecrows.

New Image 2 New Image 1

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch at Johnstown Farm, McPherson, KS 2014


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If there is one thing that is true about a farm, it is that there are always projects for everyone. With a little supervision from Papa, the cousins undertook this project – a playhouse made of pallets.


Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch at Johnstown Farm, McPherson, KS 2014

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Planted, partially

It is about two weeks later than normal, but we finally could get in to some of our fields to plant our patches. After three years of significant drought, I cannot complain about the rain that put us behind in planting. The miniatures, giants, and some gourds are in the ground, weed blocked, and watered.

It was a fairly quick job with some great help and most appreciated cloud cover. We definitely could have done without the swarms of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, I am afraid they are around for awhile.


Here's what Ben thinks of the mosquitoes.


Charis is putting 3 seeds every 2 ft.


Transplanting is tricky with cucurbits.

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2014 @ Johnstown Farm-McPherson, KS

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Planting…my favorite method

So here is a picture of my personal favorite pumpkin planting method. We call this the “Pumpkin Jack” method. If you have ever read the children’s book, Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell, you understand. This is the pumpkin left under the snow that illustrates the life cycle so well.


Of course after 5 years of growing pumpkins at Johnstown, our cattle, who are more than pleased to take care of our surplus crop at the end of the season, have planted their own scattered crop of pumpkins with their own method. We call these “Previously Pooped Pumpkins”. They are sprouting strong all over the pasture.

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch at Johnstown Farm-McPherson, KS 2014

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