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Johnstown Giant

If you are on our mailing list, or if you live in the Johnstown area, you are aware of the 2nd annual Johnstown Giant Pumpkin contest.  Last year we hosted the event for the first time. We invited neighbors from the Johnstown area to try their hand at growing a giant pumpkin. On the evening of the contest, we weighed and measured all the entries. There were prizes for everyone (thanks to Kola Johnson). My favorite part came over supper when stories were shared of relatives and friends “back in the day” Johnstown.  Leland brought his guitar and closed out our night with some singing. What a great time to enjoy neighbors and reflect on my heritage and the work, tears, and yes, laughter that went into building up a homestead and small country community.

Well, as a sneak peek, here is our plant that is growing this year’s Johnstown Giant. I admit with this year’s season, our giant could have been planted earlier, but we are still holding out hope for a GREAT BIG entry!

This year’s Johnstown Giant hopeful!









Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2012, McPherson, KS
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Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch – Giant Pumpkin Contest

We had some entries delivered for the Johnstown area giant pumpkin contest.  If you have a giant you’d like to drive out, give us a call!  It is exciting to see those big ones rolling in.  The Guinea Hens and chickens didn’t quite know what to make of all the commotion.  I am impressed that these gardeners had such great results-even in a drought year!  Way to go!  I hope to get some pictures on here soon, but you can come and see the giants yourselves.  They will be displayed throughout the season.

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Welcome to Johnstown Farm!

Grass Finished Beef


Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch

 Johnstown Farm is a family owned and operated business in central Kansas which is committed to producing quality products for every family to enjoy! 

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