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Johnstown Giant

The annual Johnstown Giant Pumpkin contest took place at Grammy’s yesterday evening. The largest pumpkin, a Dill’s Atlantic, weighed in at just over 160 pounds!


The giant was grown by Daryl and Kola Johnson of Johnstown.


The evening was such fun with filling food, conversation, and music! Corky explained the founding of Johnstown with several others adding in details as well.  I love the stories of my family and heritage and last night was full of them.  Leland led in singing, and the grandkids led in dancing. Quite the perfect night!


Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2012, McPherson, KS


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Johnstown Farm Great Pumpkin Contest


We just had an amazing “postcard” perfect evening here at the farm.  Kola Johnson was the official judge for our Johnstown Great Pumpkin Contest.  The entries were weighed and measured.  The biggest pumpkin has a circumference of 6 1/2 feet and weighed 122 pounds!  Ken and Diane Cummings grew that giant.  Other entries were by Billy Berg, Zeke Flippo, Judah Flippo, Charis Mourn, and Benjamin Mourn.  We all decided that was excellent for a drought year.  Kola had prizes ready for all the entries.  We had a chili feed complete with stories from the Johnstown glory days.  Leland Nelson brought his guitar out and sang some good old songs as the sun went down.  This was a great night to create new traditions and memories while learning about the traditions and memories of the past.

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Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch – Busy Day!

I never thought that 94 degrees would feel hot after this summer, but today it felt like summer again as we hosted some “little farmers” from Miss Mauzey’s class in McPherson.  We did some vine pulling, hay sliding, and chicken petting!


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