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Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

We have decided that our hens are just plain crazy!

Normally, the hens experience a “slow” laying season each year. Unfortunately, their slow time is our busy pumpkin patch time. The slow down is mainly due to fall molting, shorter colder days, and sheer numbers of visitors at the farm. This year, their egg production did not pick up much at all after their molting. Our minds began to contemplate lots of fried chicken, chicken and rice, and chicken and noodles this winter. They must of read our minds because against all odds (production should slow during cold snaps), those ladies began laying – and laying lots!

So….if you are interested in Johnstown Farm Fresh Eggs, give us a call! I know many of you asked about the eggs during the fall when we were running out each day. This is your chance to get in on the benefits of fresh eggs!

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch at Johnstown Farm – McPherson, KS 2014


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He’s No Chicken

So I was going through some pictures.  I found a few of my nephew that I thought were too good not to share.  This little guy just turned two.  When he visits Papa and Grammy at the farm, his favorite chore is gathering the eggs. He runs to get the egg bucket as soon as it gets close to evening, grabs Papa, and heads out!

            So here’s the little guy taking the chickens’ entrance into the coop.  That’s what happens when we aren’t quick enough opening the door for him!  Here he is peeking out from the chicken door.  Don’t worry, Val, I am sure that he is totally clean (nothing a little antibacterial won’t take car of).

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2012 – McPherson, KS
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Gardening Time

We are welcoming back spring at Johnstown Farm! Yea! I am always inspired by spring. It makes me want to take on new projects, especially in the realm of growing crops and gardens. Because of the blessing of much rain these past two months, we are seeing the farm come back from winter’s hibernation. It is so refreshing to see green everywhere, especially in light of the drought conditions last summer/fall.

Every year, we plant a “home garden.” This is supposed to be a small garden to supply the family with greens, right? Well, it always seems to get a bit unmanageable. This has been extra difficult since opening Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch. We weren’t willing to give up the home garden, but we needed to simplify.

Those of you who have been out to the farm and have met Angie, my sister, know that she is the creative dreamer behind much of the Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch and agricultural education for Johnstown Farm. She is always up for a new experiment.  Angie spent the winter months studying different gardening techniques.  Thus, this spring we are trying “square foot gardening.” The idea is to grow a garden in raised beds much more efficiently (effort and space). Well, once Angie dreams… here we go!

Grammy, Angie, the grandkids, and myself planned the garden with seeds and egg cartons.

We went to work measuring, cutting, and screwing together our raised beds.

A lot of Johnstown Farm soil, some gypsum (because our soil is heavy on the clay), and some compost (because we do not have a respectable compost pile yet-any suggestions?) and the beds were ready to mix. The beds were then gridded into 1 foot squares.

Looks great – the garden and the kids!  This was about three weeks ago. We are seeing sprouts and dreaming of a bumper crop. We did have to modify the beds by covering them with plastic mesh to keep those chickens out. Speaking of chickens- we still have a couple dozen eggs each week that aren’t spoken for yet, so if you are interested in farm fresh, free range eggs email us at


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