We Got Worms!

30 Aug

We got worms-red wrigglers to be exact. We took a rode trip today to Belvue, Kansas, to visit with Debbie Anderson at Rising Mist Organic Farm. Our mission was to begin the adventure of vermicomposting- “vermi” meaning worm, so, yes, worm composting. Why worms? For their poop, of course!  Worm poop, technically castings, are high in soil nutrients, helpful as an organic pesticide, and great study for our homeschool classroom.

Debbie has been in the worm business for over the years. She’s even written a book about worm composting. She is a wealth of knowledge on how we could “worm” our way into vermicomposting (sorry, that was a bad pun).

We enjoyed a tour of Rising Mist. I had never seen a worm nursery before. While the worms were hard at work, the owners were also hard at work preparing their bountiful and beautiful produce. Their secret is, of course, rich organic soil full of worm castings.


Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch – McPherson, KS 2013

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