The Pumpkin Patch

03 Sep

Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch is planted in June with a variety of seeds.  Each year new varieties are being offered, so the patch is never the same twice!  This year the patch contains approximately six kinds of pumpkins.  The size of pumpkins range from Wee-Be-Littles to Howden Biggies with all sizes in between.  One of the featured varieties this year is the Long Island Cheese, a white gourd that is sure to add to autumn arrangements.  There are also decorative gourds of all kinds ripe for picking.  For those pie makers, New England Pumpkin Pie pumpkins should do the trick.


This year the patch was planted by a state of the art pumpkin seed planter.  The planter was designed and created specifically for Grammy’s.  Other maintenance and weeding are still done the old fashioned way–by Grammy and her staff.


Grammy’s Pumpkin Patch 2010

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